A New Year Full of Many Plans.

Hello, everyone. So it's a new year and I have many things planned. I even set some goals for myself.
My first goal is to release 5-6 books this year, along with free short stories and more diaries. 

What is coming in the nearest future: Vampires of Vadin book 3. 
I am on my way to finishing the book, that so far is called Sin's Thief (probably will change that). I should have it finished and edited before the end of the month. As long as everything goes smoothly I am hoping for a March release (dependent on my Publisher) 

My plans after that:
After that is book one of a new series called Shifters of Bram. So far book one is called Yuka's Freedom. LOL, if anyone has actually read my previous blog posts, they will know that at one point I was already working on it. 

However, I stopped because the people in my head (mainly Cecil who you haven't met yet) demanded that I work on his book. Shifters of Bram is set in the same world as Vampires of Vadin so there will be crossover of characters. 

Anyway, so it will be book one of Shifters of Bram and follow by book 2. Book 3 will come after another story that is completely separated from the rest that involves a lot of murder and bloody fun. The best kind of fun. 😈 

All that leads me to book four of Vampires of Vadin, which is Kaiden's and Asher's story. The rest of the year is up for debate on what else I will get done. (I have plans, but schedules can easily be derailed) 

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years, and I can't wait to share more of my characters with everyone.

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