I'm back...sort of

Hello, everyone, it has been a while.  I am back almost..... Over the last few months, I know I have been pretty absent and unresponsive in many ways. I think it is more I just felt lost and out of it and I kind of pulled away from facebook which housed my main support for writing. Currently, I am trying to reconnect to the world of writing and find the joy I had when I first started. There have been some changes in my life that cause things to shift a bit, not going to explain, but it happened.  I am still writing it is just going slowly. I fully plan to release books in the future. This is not a post about me abandoning my writing. I won't do that. I love my readers and fellow writers. For those who have checked up on me, thank you, I appreciated it more than you know. Also, I still love my Characters, and so many haven't had their stories told. I am just struggling to do much right now, but I am trying to pull myself out of this funk. Anyway, that is where I am at right now.

Quick update! Sin's Thief on Amazon!

Quick update:

Sin's Thief is now on Amazon!


Besides that, I am currently buried under homework as it is the end of the school semester. I'll be back with some updates in a few weeks once it is over! BYE!

Sin's Thief has been RELEASED!

Sin's Thief (Vampires of Vadin 3) has been released! 

Well, It has been released for a few weeks now but I have just been slow to make a blog post about it lol!


Fouled mouthed, snarky and overly pessimistic, Cecil Baxter's rules for life are to trust no one and to never become attached. Since birth, his life has been one pitfall after another. But when freedom was a fingertip away, Sin, a sophisticated man with a vocabulary to match jumped in his path. Thrown into a world he doesn’t understand, Cecil finds himself breaking all his rules just for a chance to be with Sin.

Sin Draven, leader of the Draven Zaytari, knows he has quirks. Many would see him as an overly calm, civilized individual. However, people often forget that most everyone has darkness inside them and Sin is no exception. When approached by a hurt young man his honor demanded he help, thief or not. That instance leads to Sin finding the one thing he has always wanted—a home.

When outside forces, misunderstandings, and inner turmoil pulls them apart, they must fight their fears before all is lost.

Note: This book contains self-harm and touches on suicide and depression. 


Backpack on, he eased the door of his bedroom open and slipped out. Cecil briefly entertained the idea of sneaking into the man’s room for the money, but in the end, he decided to not risk it. Quieting his breathing, Cecil made his way through the house toward the front door.

If only he could have silenced his heartbeat. It was thudding loudly in his ears, so much so Cecil had missed the movement to his right.

Good thing his father was too stupid to maintain an element of surprise. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Ernest slurred.

The man was swaying, but apparently mobile enough, Cecil thought when his father lunged for him.

Shooting forward, Cecil felt the scratch of Ernest’s nails as he barely escaped the man’s grasp. His sprint through the house was short, but by the time he made it to the door, his lungs were sputtering along pathetically.

Even with his hands trembling, Cecil somehow managed to get it open. Unfortunately, he was only able to take a single step outside before his father was on him again.

The man hurled himself at Cecil, taking him down. His knees slammed on the cement steps while his hands scraped against its rough surface. Luckily for him, Ernest was so drunk that the man’s aim was off and had only managed to grab hold of his legs.

Cecil frantically tried to get away. He caught a break when one of his legs broke free. And with all the strength he could muster, Cecil kicked his father in the face.

Ernest howled in pain, his hands releasing him to clutch his nose. Free of his grasp, Cecil scrambled up and darted off. Weaving in and out of alleyways, he ran as fast and far as he could. But he only managed to get about a mile away due to his damaged body.

Cecil’s lungs burned. Dizzy, he staggered out of sight into an alley and plopped down on the wet ground.

Oh, God, he couldn’t breathe—couldn’t even gasp for air. Pushing back his panic, Cecil forced himself to take short, control breaths.

Each draw of air was a struggle, but Cecil refused to give up. The last thing he wanted to do was pass out. And judging from the black spots forming at the edge of his vision, he was pretty damn close to doing that.

Resting his head against the brick building behind him, Cecil continued to focus on just breathing. It took longer than he thought was normal for him to finally move past the “about to pass out” stage.

Not that he was breathing particularly well, Cecil just no longer felt like he was about to die. Which was all well and good, but his current distress cemented the fact that his body was truly fucked up. And because his burst of adrenaline was fading, Cecil now had the joy of experiencing all new twinges of pain courtesy of his fall—because he so needed more, he thought rolling his eyes.

Needing something to take his mind off the shit show that was his life, Cecil pulled his backpack off his shoulders. Ignoring the stinging of his scraped palms, he opened it and pulled out a leather roll that he quickly unrolled—inside was a knife.

For just a moment, Cecil stared blankly at the shining blade. Then without hesitation, he slid it across the damaged skin of his left palm. Drawing on the powers infused in his very existence, he pushed it into the blood that was welling up. In his mind, Cecil saw the starts of a creature, an arcanid that lacked both thought and purpose—a blank canvas. A creature who would move only when instructed, one who would have purpose only when given.

With his thoughts, Cecil infused it with his will. He molded it after all that came before it. Cecil instilled in it traits that would comfort, movements that would convince many that the creature had a will of its own. Movements that covered up the fact that the creature was nothing more than a mindless drone that followed a program. A drone that could be created again and again and be exactly as the last.

When Cecil shoved his wants and needs through his veins, the creature rose up and formed. The arcanid’s body was divided into two sections; it had ten legs, fangs, and wings on its back. While the wings were not for show, Cecil created them with no specific reason other than that he liked them.

The arcanid continued to twitch while its form stabilized, the creature’s iridescent silver skin shimmering with each movement. Soon the awkward shifts stopped and it stared up at Cecil. Its wings fluttered, flinging off the blood it had emerged from.

Smiling sadly down at it, Cecil murmured, “Welcome back, Drop.”

Drop affectionately nuzzled against his hand. If only that affection were real...



Hey, everyone! So I have been a bit quiet for a few months. This year has been super unlucky, for both me and my family medical wise. So that is where I have been. Part of the time I couldn't see well enough to do anything, and then I was in too much pain. BUT I am better now. So, YAY. 

Now, let's get to the updates. So I finally finished Sin's Thief, though I'm still not a hundred percent sure of that title. I'll narrow it down while I'm editing, which is what I am doing now, editing. Lots and lots of editing. Once I am done, Vampire's of Vadin three will be sent to my publisher. Planning to finish all editing by next week. (Wish me luck). If all goes as planned, I imagine the book will be out either late September/early October.

I am also working on another book that will be my first self-published book. It's called Little Red and will be a fun adventure story and my take on Little Red Riding Hood. There will be sorcerers, an evil grandma, and sexy werewolves. And a little bit of blood....maybe a lot. Depends on how murderous I am feeling while writing it.

Well, that is all for now. I'll try to give you guys updates more often. 

Oh, also I have a newsletter now...I am sort of new to it so go easy on me lol. Feel free to tell me what you would like to see in it. 

Anyway, each month (hopefully) a newsletter will go out. I'm going to try to add some exclusive updates that you will have to subscribe to see. Some of it will be information on other books I am working on, on the side. Sometimes it may be early looks at covers and blurbs. I will of course still announce release dates and other updates here. 

But if you want updates sent right to your email, and some exclusive/early looks at stuff head on over to my website and click the newsletter button.  www.ShelbyRhodesAuthor.com

Been a while - Updates

It has been a while. So remember in the last post I mentioned that plans can get derailed. It turned out to be an understatement.

I've been debating on what and how much I should reveal. Here is pretty much the gist of it.

There was a major medical emergency in my family that began in January. I almost lost my father and then while in the middle of his medical problems another close family member died.

The stress of everything going on stalled me out. I was too worried, too distracted to think about anything else. All the problems lasted through February and there were many times I thought that this was it, my father is going to die. Those thoughts, each one of them were breaking me down and at times I couldn't breathe. But he didn't, and despite all the odds he survived everything, and thankfully he is on his way to recovery.

I am now getting back into my writing. And I promise you the 3rd volume of Vampires of Vadin is coming. I'm close to the end. However, at this point, I don't know what else I will be releasing this year.

There are some other stories I would like to flesh out. Ones that will be self-published. I am still updating the work in progress page on my website. So you can check that out. There is just no schedule anymore, I am pretty much working on whatever I feel like working on each day. Anyway, that is my update and thanks for taking the time to read it!

A New Year Full of Many Plans.

Hello, everyone. So it's a new year and I have many things planned. I even set some goals for myself.
My first goal is to release 5-6 books this year, along with free short stories and more diaries. 

What is coming in the nearest future: Vampires of Vadin book 3. 
I am on my way to finishing the book, that so far is called Sin's Thief (probably will change that). I should have it finished and edited before the end of the month. As long as everything goes smoothly I am hoping for a March release (dependent on my Publisher) 

My plans after that:
After that is book one of a new series called Shifters of Bram. So far book one is called Yuka's Freedom. LOL, if anyone has actually read my previous blog posts, they will know that at one point I was already working on it. 

However, I stopped because the people in my head (mainly Cecil who you haven't met yet) demanded that I work on his book. Shifters of Bram is set in the same world as Vampires of Vadin so there will be crossover of characters. 

Anyway, so it will be book one of Shifters of Bram and follow by book 2. Book 3 will come after another story that is completely separated from the rest that involves a lot of murder and bloody fun. The best kind of fun. 😈 

All that leads me to book four of Vampires of Vadin, which is Kaiden's and Asher's story. The rest of the year is up for debate on what else I will get done. (I have plans, but schedules can easily be derailed) 

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years, and I can't wait to share more of my characters with everyone.

Adrian's Diary: Twelve Days of Seduction - Released!

Adrian's Diary: Twelve Days of Seduction is now available for download on my website

     Missing Adrian's insane behavior? Well, look no further. Venture forth into King Adrian Bloodhart's mind and possibly learn a few seduction tactics that may or may not work.

     An inside look at the frustrations Adrian faces during his many attempts at seducing his very stubborn bodyguard Xavier.

Available for download HERE


Stephan's Monster is now live! It is also currently 10% off

Buy it HERE


Jayden knows he's a monster. The people he killed were horrible, but it didn't change what he was. And being taken in by Stephan Everwood at fifteen hadn't change his homicidal tendencies. Yet ten years later he finds himself struggling to be someone he's not. Then, despite thinking he lost most of his emotions years ago, Jayden discovers that not only is he not as empty inside as he thought, but that his monster is more present than ever before.

Stephan freely admits he has some issues. His self-doubts could be unrelenting and Stephan's need to fix things tended to go too far. It blinded him to Jayden's struggles. In the end, his refusal to listen to what Jayden was trying to tell him has unfortunate results. When Stephan finally accepts who Jayden is, he must als face all that he had locked away inside.

Their difficulties brought them together. Their love healed them. And when the past tries to tear them apart, their darkness saved them.

Updates on other

I am currently working on Sin's Thief the 3rd book in the Vampire of Vadins series. I should be finishing up with that by the end of the month

Other news I am also working on small free project that will be released on my website at the end of the month (Shooting for Christmas) 

 It will be an inside look into Adrian's frustation during his attempts to seduce his very stubborn Bodyguard Xavier. Rather than a short story it is more diary entries.  Though I do have some short stories I plan to write in the future! 

Stephan's Monster Pre-order now!

So about five minutes after updating everything and posting about the release date it came up for pre-order lol!

Up for pre-order Stephan's Monster!


Stephan's Monster Release date~!

Hey everyone! It's been a while, but I have been super busy with writing and a painful sinus infection lol.

Anyway, I have some exciting news! Stephan's Monster finally has a set release date!

RELEASING DECEMBER 13th on Bookstrand.com

Stephan's Monster
Jayden knows he’s a monster. The people he killed were horrible, but it didn’t change what he was. And being taken in by Stephan Everwood at fifteen hadn’t changed his homicidal tendencies. Yet ten years later he finds himself struggling to be someone he's not. Then, despite thinking he lost most of his emotions years ago, Jayden discovers that not only is he not as empty inside as he thought, but that his monster is more present than ever before.

Stephan freely admits he has some issues. His self-doubts could be unrelenting and Stephan’s need to fix things tended to go too far. It blinded him to Jayden’s struggles. In the end his refusal to listen to what Jayden was trying to tell him has unfortunate results. When Stephan finally accepts who Jayden is, he must also face all that he had locked away inside.

Their difficulties brought them together. Their love healed them. And when the past tries to tear them apart, their darkness saved them.


Clutching tightly, the man pulled him back around. “Let me help!” His voice was rushed, higher than before, and slightly panicked. “We can turn him over to the authorities, the Zaytari. Evidence! We can find evidence and turn it in. You’ve been in his head, haven’t you?”
Jayden scowled at the hand on his arm—he wasn’t a fan of being grabbed, and Stephan seemed to be doing it a lot. “I have.”
“Then we’ll know where to find proof,” he insisted, completely ignoring Jayden’s irritation.
“Stephan, if you haven’t noticed, poor Richard here is a little banged up. A bit hard to play it off as nothing, don’t you think?” Jayden nodded toward the bloody man.
Nose wrinkling, Stephan hesitantly said, “I can fix that…the only issue would be his memories. We would need someone to get rid of them.” He nibbled on his bottom lip. “I may be able to hire someone. I just need time.”
“I can do it.”
“You can?” Stephan sounded surprised.
Running his fingers through his hair, Jayden grimaced. Apparently, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut tonight.
What was wrong with him? Jayden had no intention of letting Richard leave here alive. Ugh, his whole night of murderous fun had been shot to hell.
Who was Stephan anyway? Not to mention, why the hell was he believing everything Jayden said? Was the man really that naïve? It didn’t make sense. He shouldn’t be, not with what he had experienced. Was this a trap?
It would have been nice if Jayden had a way to find out. Unfortunately, the man’s mental walls were solidly back in place.
Eyeing him suspiciously, he asked, “Who are you?”
Jayden stalked closer and invaded the man’s personal space, brushing up against him. “Who are you, Stephan? What are you doing here?”
Stephan released his arm and staggered a few steps back. “I own this building. A construction crew is coming to tear it down in a few days. I wanted to make sure no one was living here. As for who I am? I’m not sure how to answer that.”
Stephan’s words were a mixture of truths and deceptions. “I don’t like being lied to, Stephan. I would suggest…” Jayden trailed off when something clicked into place.
He hissed, jerking as the walls and floors of the warehouse were suddenly drenched in blood with bodies scattered on the floor all around him.
It wasn’t real, just a phantom hiding what was actually there. A vision brought on by a memory—one that faded away moments later.
Jayden hated having these visions. They left him defenseless and unaware of his surroundings. While this one had been short, others had lasted hours. When he was locked into a memory, someone could stab him, and he wouldn’t even notice—until he pulled free, that is. And he knew that for a fact, as it had happened.
God, why couldn’t Jayden have been born just a little bit more normal? He was almost positive that the average vampire didn’t have to deal with shit like that. At least he didn’t think they did—Jayden didn’t really have any friends.
“This is where it happened, where they hurt you, where you killed them…”
“How could you afford to buy it?”
The man laughed bitterly. “My parents were rich.”
“I see.” He struggled to find something else to say.
Stephan’s shoulders slumped and his bottom lip began to tremble. The man seemed so sad, and for some reason that angered him.
Jayden glared down at the ground. Why was he angry? He shouldn’t be feeling anything. Was it the man’s past? Jayden rubbed his chest at the uncomfortable feelings running through him. He had the strongest urge to run away.
Maybe if he humored the man, he would leave—no harm in that, right?
Jayden gave Stephan a tight smile. “Let’s try it your way…however, if it doesn’t work, I will kill him. Though with how much blood Richard has lost, it’s probably too late anyway.”
“I can do it.”
Jayden stepped back and gave a mocking bow. “If you say so.”
Arms hanging loose, Stephan closed his eyes. He tilted his head back and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, his pupils had been replaced by solid pools of lilac.
Jayden gasped, a cold shiver running through him as power swirled around the room. There was so much of it, and all of it was coming from Stephan. The very air was shifting—he had never felt anything like it. Hair standing on end, Jayden felt he should run away—to not trust the force around him.
Suddenly the air settled. The power hadn’t vanished, though. It was still thickening the air. His lungs stuttered as he struggled to draw in a full breath under its weight. Whoever Stephan was, he was dangerous.

Adult Excerpt:

Jayden was just going to go for it. He wanted Stephan to feel pleasure, and he wanted the little man to feel comfortable with his needs—to not fear them.
At a small nod, Jayden wasted no time. He picked Stephan up and set him on the edge of the tub. Squawking, Stephan tried to cover his erection.
“You’re beautiful. Please don’t hide from me.”
Trembling hands slowly slid away. He licked his lips. The view in front of him had his dick throbbing. Jayden found his gaze following water droplets and bubble suds as they traveled down the man’s smooth skin. Stephan’s legs were slim, his waist trim, and his stomach perfectly flat.
Besides what was on his head, the only hair on the man’s body was a neatly trimmed patch of curls at the base of his five-inch cock. Stephan’s prick twitched ever so slightly as pre-cum dripped from its tip. The view was mouthwatering.
He grabbed a bathing poof and lathered it up with a bodywash that smelled of lilies. Running the sponge up and down Stephan’s neck, Jayden used swirling motions to spread the sweet-scented foam over the man’s collarbone. Lower down, he gently brushed against Stephan’s erect pink buds.
The little man’s eyes dilated and his lips parted as the textured poof rasped against his nipples—small tremors ran through him. Stephan’s breathing grew heavy, and the scent of his lust thickened.
The man looked so beautiful in his arousal, but Jayden would have to watch him closely. He didn’t want to draw out Stephan’s fear again.
As Jayden washed Stephan, he soon found out how very sensitive the man’s body was. Stephan shifted and whimpered, his breath hitching each time Jayden found a spot.
Not wishing to scare him, Jayden was quick as he slid between the man’s rounded cheeks. Continuing on, he covered every delectable inch of him with suds until all that was left was Stephan’s swollen prick and tight sack.
Sweat dripped down Jayden’s face as he looked at the last bit left untouched—he felt almost light-headed. The heat from the water and that his arousal left him dizzy. The only clear thought in his mind was that he wished to possess the man in front of him—Jayden wanted to make Stephan his.
After dropping the poof, hand completely soaped up, Jayden wrapped it around Stephan’s cock. The man jerked in shock at his touch.
Instead of rubbing the twitching flesh in his grasp, Jayden remained still, waiting to see how Stephan would react.
Swaying, the little man grabbed his shoulder to stabilize himself. “J-Jade,” Stephan whined.
When the stench of fear never came, Jayden ran his hand up and down Stephan’s shaft. Pre-cum and suds mixed together as he pumped the man’s throbbing prick.
The soft moans that drifted past Stephan’s lips strengthened Jayden’s excitement. Each drop of pre-cum he drew from the man had his own leaking out.
Jayden’s gaze kept flitting between what his hand was doing and his lover’s face. Either view was worth dying for. He cupped the man’s balls with his other hand, then gently squeezed and massaged the tight sack.
“Oh God, Jayden…” Stephan cried.
Jayden focused on the look of pleasure on the man’s face. Stephan’s eyes were hazy, his lips slightly parted. He had his head tilted back, seeing nothing—just feeling and taking in every touch.
But Jayden had no intention of letting the man come this way. He wanted to bring him with his mouth, to have his sweet release on his tongue. To savor Stephan’s first taste of pleasure in years.
Releasing him, Jayden pulled away.
“What…” Stephan muttered in a daze.
“I want to taste you, sweetheart. Will you let me?”
Stephan’s brow furrowed, looking so adorably confused. Chuckling, Jayden slowly ran a finger up the underside of the man’s cock. “I want to suck this.”
The pleasure clouding Stephan’s face faded a bit. “S-suck?” the man sputtered.
Jayden wiggled his eyebrows. “Suck,” he purred.
Stephan nodded stiffly. Permission given, Jayden grabbed the showerhead and sprayed Stephan’s crotch. The man squealed in indignation at the sudden assault of water, shying away.
Hands gripping Stephan’s thighs, Jayden grinned. He slid down into the water until he was eye level with the man’s hard length. “Sorry, I’ve never liked the taste of soap.”
Stephan started to say something, but it ended in a choked gasp as Jayden took his cock fully down his throat. Nuzzling into his trimmed curls, he breathed in the man’s musky, sweet scent—caramel with a hint of pistachio.
Jayden ran his hands up and down Stephan’s trembling thighs. And for just a few moments, he stared into the man’s glazed eyes, savoring the taste of him—then he swallowed.
“Jayden!” Stephan cried out, his hands threaded through Jayden’s hair, gripping the strands tightly. He writhed as Jayden massaged his cock with his throat.
When he pulled off, Stephan let out a whine of protest. But Jayden ignored his pleas and blew a few puffs of cool air on the spit-covered tip before flicking his tongue against Stephan’s slit. The man moaned and arched toward him as he licked the mushroom head and captured every dollop of pre-cum with his tongue.
Only when Stephan’s whimpers and moans echo through the room did Jayden finally take him back into his mouth. Then, hollowing his cheeks, he began to suck, bobbing up and down on Stephan’s cock.

Updates and Stephan's Monster cover!

Hello everyone!  It's been a while but I have exciting updates!

The first update: I am working on book three of Vampires of Vadin, Sin's Thief, but I got a bit sidetracked as I will be participating in MM Winter Fantasies Contest on this blog: ManLoveFantasies

Basically, a group of authors and I will be writing short stories that will be released the blog during a day in the month of January. Mine is done (besides a bit of editing) and will be released in two parts. Each of the authors also donated an ebook that you will have a chance to win. I believe you enter by commenting on the short stories. Anyway, at the end of the month, a winner will be chosen and will receive all the books donated! Warning though, my short is more of a teaser as I am evil like that lol.

Anyway, now that I have finished my short I will be getting back to Sin's Thief!

The second update: I am working on a special project with my very dear friend Elizabeth Bryant. It will be a joint series that will take a while to finish but I guarantee it will be something to look forward to. 

And lastly, here is the cover for Stephan's Monster (Vampires of Vadin 2)