Writing Struggles

As book one of Vampire of Vadin continues on in the publishing process, I have been working on writing book two called Stephan's Monster. There's a story in my head, but it seems every word forward is a struggle. It's as if my characters are refusing to talk to me. I'm at the half way point now, and I'm sure I'll be adding and rewriting things, but that urge to want to finish quickly is hard to ignore.

However, I have discovered something. Something I have actually know for a while as I have had the same experience when painting.

Sometimes it's best to step away and work on something else rather than force yourself to continue with no ending in sight. In terms of writing, forcing the words out just guarantees an extensive rewrite (which I found out as I have rewritten chapter five of Stephan's Monster twice now)

So what I did was start focusing on the first book of another series called the Shifter Kingdom.  The book is called Yuka's Freedom (could change, but that is what it is right now) and so far the story is clear to me, the characters are talking, and I see a way forward.

I'll, of course, finish both books, but by stepping back I'm giving myself more time to consider what the best way is for my characters to move forward.

Author Website

I'm actually working on a website now. It's almost done, but I'm waiting on some things. For instance the book cover for my first book. But you guys (the future people who may read this) can check it out. Please ignore all the images for the books for now though. They are just free placeholders until I actually have an image. 

yeah I know I could have included this in my first post... but my blog being so empty is bothering me. 


Hey, guys, my name is Shelby and I am 26 years old. I'm not used to making blog posts or being social for that matter. But I have a reason to try now, I suppose. (Honestly, no one will probably read this for a while but I rather not leave my new blog empty)

I recently started writing M/M paranormal romances. Books have always been a love of mine. But growing up writing had been a struggle for me. So I never bothered to write about all the stories and characters in my head.

However after two degrees in painting, one a masters degree, I finally felt confident enough to try to write a book. I know it's a bit odd to get two degrees in painting and then decide to try being an author but painting lately only seems to stress me out and leave me unhappy. So I wrote instead.

Only one month after I graduated from grad school I had finished writing my first book and after a week of editing submitted to Siren Publishing. I found submitting nerve racking. No one but me had read what I had written. None of my family would and I was beginning to drown in my doubt even before I submitted. However, a week or so later I got an email saying they wanted to publish my book. For the first time in forever, I felt confident in something I was doing.

Anyway, it's all still in process. But in a few months, Adrian's Bodyguard, the first book of my Vampires of Vadin series, will be published. (It's possible the name will change during the editing process but who knows). While working with the publisher on editing I am also working on writing book two of the series, along with the first book of another series called The Shifter Kingdom.

All that aside, I hope in the future you all will take a chance and read my book. I would love to get feedback.

PS: I am still figuring out how to use blogger and what not so be please be patient with me.