!New books very soon but not for Vampires Of Vadin!

First off I'd like to say a book is coming very very soon but not for my Vampires of Vadin series. I thought I should explain why. To be honest it will be a few years before any books are released in my Vampires of Vadin series or really any series related to that series. 

Haven't really talked about it much. But I have never been exactly pleased with who I published through. And the cons outweigh the benefits. The last book I publish, Kaiden's Fire will be the last I publish with them. All future books I plan to self-publish. 

What this means for the series as of now. I cannot publish new books related to the world or characters until my contracts are up. The only reason I sent in Kaiden's fire (which sadly extended the time) was that I hated that you all had been waiting so long. But what's done is done. 

That being said for two of my books I will be getting the rights back next year. My plan is to re-release the Vampire of Vadin series with new covers and with extra stories on those characters depending on the book. I'm expecting I may extend book 1 as it was my first book and I feel there is a lot that I have learned through writing since then and I feel I can flesh it out more. Not necessarily change the story but add more scenes etc to it.  Either way, book 1 will likely be re-released next year for digital and print. 

So basically this is the reason why I will be strictly focused on other series for now. Which I am very excited about and I hope you all enjoy these new and different worlds I introduce you to. Little Red  (Fairy Tales Retold book 1) is coming up very very soon ( 👀 January)! After that, I have a detective story I am working on as well as a few stories I wrote shorts for but never completed. Vampires of Vadin, and all those characters will return one day but I hope while you are waiting for them you enjoy my other characters as well.


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