Hey, everyone! So I have been a bit quiet for a few months. This year has been super unlucky, for both me and my family medical wise. So that is where I have been. Part of the time I couldn't see well enough to do anything, and then I was in too much pain. BUT I am better now. So, YAY. 

Now, let's get to the updates. So I finally finished Sin's Thief, though I'm still not a hundred percent sure of that title. I'll narrow it down while I'm editing, which is what I am doing now, editing. Lots and lots of editing. Once I am done, Vampire's of Vadin three will be sent to my publisher. Planning to finish all editing by next week. (Wish me luck). If all goes as planned, I imagine the book will be out either late September/early October.

I am also working on another book that will be my first self-published book. It's called Little Red and will be a fun adventure story and my take on Little Red Riding Hood. There will be sorcerers, an evil grandma, and sexy werewolves. And a little bit of blood....maybe a lot. Depends on how murderous I am feeling while writing it.

Well, that is all for now. I'll try to give you guys updates more often. 

Oh, also I have a newsletter now...I am sort of new to it so go easy on me lol. Feel free to tell me what you would like to see in it. 

Anyway, each month (hopefully) a newsletter will go out. I'm going to try to add some exclusive updates that you will have to subscribe to see. Some of it will be information on other books I am working on, on the side. Sometimes it may be early looks at covers and blurbs. I will of course still announce release dates and other updates here. 

But if you want updates sent right to your email, and some exclusive/early looks at stuff head on over to my website and click the newsletter button.  www.ShelbyRhodesAuthor.com

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